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Market in the Park Rescheduled

Well foul weather has fouled up plans for the Inaugural Market in the Park in Morris Park. It has been rescheduled for next Thursday, the 7th in Fairmont.
Normally, Morris Park has vehicle traffic moving through to see the holiday decorations, but the park will be shut down to vehicle traffic so that everyone can walk through and shop from local vendors.

The event starts at 6:00 PM and go until 10:00 PM. There is a $10 donation to get into the park to do your shopping with the proceed going to the United Way of Marion County.

Child Molester Released

A convicted child molester is to be released today from the Union County Community Corrections facility in La Grande. Melvin Keith Hamsher…aged 76…is a child molester who targets pre-pubescent females, and according to the report, makes friends with the child’s mother first. He has been found to be a sexually violent and dangerous offender by The State of Oregon Board of Parole.

Multnomah Falls Lodge Reopens

The Eagle Creek Fire closed the Multnomah Falls Lodge back in early September. The lodge reopened yesterday with a tour for the media that included the lodge and some of the area around Multnomah Falls. There are still areas around the falls and the famed Benson Bridge that remain closed.

Nathan Crouch Spotlighting Elk

The last suspect in a 2016 elk-poaching case plead guilty to two counts of taking wildlife illegally, and other charges this week, and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Nathan Crouch and his brother, Dylan, were spotlighting the elk on private property back in November of last year. Along with the Crouch brothers a woman has been charged. Nathan Crouch, who had skipped to Nevada, was eventually arrested and returnded to face charges. For his part in this, Crouch’s hunting privileges will be suspended for 8 years, and after his jail stay, will be on probation for three years.

Dylan Scott Thomas

It’s truly amazing this holiday season to see how quickly the folks from Baker City came together to erect a memorial for young Dylan Scott Thomas…the 7-year-old boy who lost his life after tragically falling from a float during the MIners Jubilee Parade on July 15th. His permanent memorial, a half-ton bench, made from Georgia gray granite was set in place recently beside the Baker Elks Lodge at 1896 Second Street. Creg Talbot, one of the people responsible for this memorial for the young boy, said that businesses, groups and individuals who contributed tyo the bench were eager to help. Megan Thomas, the boy’s mom, said “our entire family greatly appreciates the community’s continual support in this incredibly difficult time. Dylan was a very special boy who could make everyone smile. A very special thanks to all the Elks and donors for this beautiful bench.”

Wauna Federal Credit Union Talks About Holiday Shopping Security

Don’t let the holiday cheer turn into misery. Experts say folks should follow some safety tips to make sure their information stays secure. Michael Murdoch is with Wauna Federal Credit Union, and he advises people to use secure websites that begin with H-T-T-P-S and don’t make financial transactions while connected to public wifi. Murdoch says weak passwords are one of the easiest ways for fraudsters to get hold of personal information….

Murdoch encourages people to shield their PIN numbers when entering them, and says people also should monitor their accounts.

Wallowa Rod And Gun To Hold Shoot This Sunday

The Wallowa Rod and Gun Club is holding a meet shoot at the clubhouse on Lower Diamond Lane this Sunday, December 3rd. Shooting begins at 9 a.m. and prizes will be awarded. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Everyone is welcome.

La Grande Sets School Work Session For This Evening

The La Grande School Board has a work session planned for today. It will begin tonight at 7 at Willow School, in the conference room.

Armed Holdup In La Grande

A La Grande man was robbed gunpoint Sunday night on North Spruce Street near U Avenue.
The suspect, who fled on foot, is described as five-foot-eight, with a stocky build and long brown facial hair, and was wearing dark clothing. If you know anything about it, call La Grande Police.

Howling Winds Do No Damage

Strong winds in Union and Wallowa counties Saturday and Sunday were recorded in excess of 60 miles per hour, but there were no reports of damage or power outages.